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$ damages for not leaving apartment on time

I have a tenant in PA with a month to month lease. I notified her by certified mail and posting a copy on her front door, a notice to "Not Renew Lease". I gave her 60 days to vacate. It is clearly stated in the lease that either the tenant or landlord can excersise this option. My question: I understand in PA that a landlord can charge a tenant a sum of money per day if they do not vacate. If this is so, would I have had to put this in the lease or could I just send the tenant a letter stating this as a seperate letter?

Question did they receive your letter if so what's there respons? My advise to you is go to City Hall to the codes dept and ask them how and what you can do.
Yes she did receive the letter, her response was that 60 days might not be enough time and I might have to evict her.
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