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Had Verbal agreement and Tenant is stealing everything on the property.

See I had a verbal agreement with the tenant the he would not have to pay rent if he would fix the place up. Well he didn't do any fixing up. He took and sold the ac/ heat pump unit, also he took out the kitchen sink and all the pluming in the kitchen, and never even replace it at all, then he took both swamp coolers off the house and sold them to. I gave him a 30 day notice. Do I have to wait 30 days or can I do something now. Because he's tearing up the walls now to get the electrical wire out to sale as scrap. HELP!!!!!! What do I do?

I would contact an attorney immediately. There are expedited eviction procedures for Criminal Activity - Eviction for Material and Irreparable Breach in Arizona. You could also contact your local authorities, ask them if they can write a report that the person who is living in your property is defacing it and causing health hazards with electricity and such. There are zoning laws that prevent electrical or plumbing work to be done. You may be able to use that to your advantage. CONTACT an attorney to prevent further loss.
Also report to BADTENANTS.COM   turning the person in only helps others from not renting to these kind of people but you need SS  #    and  Dr#  so always get a written agreement . And check these sites yourself before you rent to someone. Its best to get a copy of these and not just write them down.
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