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Hello All,  Can you replace a tenant without them signing any sort of termination paperwork? One sister, of two, has moved out and the boyfriend of the other sister wants to move in. This as all three wanted.     I have no desire for further communications with the sister who moved as she caused some property damages. Thus, can I just replace her on the Rental Agreement, via Addendum, without having her sign anything?   Thanks

All i can say is PUT EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! Have the new tenants sign a new lease. Have the leaving tenant sign an agreement to be released from ALL obligations including any arrangements made with the security deposit or repairs to damages. If you do not put all this specifically in will come back and bite you...
Thanks,  I am attempting to make arrangements in having everyone sign desired paperwork.   The damages (minimal) have been repaired and existing tennants will replenish the Security Deposit. Both sisters agree the original security deposit belongs solely to the sister who is staying.    The one sister has moved already and my problem is this. She may not make time to sign anything, as could care less. There is no problem in having existing tennants sign necessary paperwork.   Again, does the sister who moved have to sign anything? If so how can she be compelled to do so?  Thanks
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