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Multiple Tenants Lease

We  just came through the eviction process, so this time I want to be covered in terms of our new lease.   We have applicants for a property that are related, Aunt with 2 kids, her Nephew and his life partner (partner is a stay at home ).  I have applications for all of them (because they are all 18+).  If I was to grant them approval, how should the lease be set up?  Are they all responsible as a group for the rent payments or is it divided?  I'm just "what ifing" the situation.
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Add to lease - "It is expressly understood that this Agreement is between that Landlord and each signatory individually and severally responsible for performance of his/her/their obligations under this Agreement, including the payment of rent." This should make them All as well as Individually responsible for the terms of the lease.
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