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tenant asks "Is this discrimination?"

I wrote earlier and I found out why the lease wasn't being renewed. It IS true that they don't feel equipped to handle my epilepsy and clean "bio-hazardous fluids" like vomit that might take place. "This is a complex, not a medical facility." They felt that doors might have to be broken down to get to me and that I'd be "better in a staff-occupied facility". Those are just some of the things written. I've been under them -- and with the problem -- for 11 years and the problem is rather-well managed. A couple seizures a year on average. I don't need supervision. This makes me feel like some diseased thing; and that private info was discussed with HUD behind my back is offensive to me. I shouldn't feel forced to leave because of this; will I have to worry about that no matter where I go? People want me to fight. I can't believe that a reason like this can be permissible. Very upset and stressed out.
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Brian, Brian, Brian….. you stated that you’ve had problems where you’re at now and that you found a nice place that’s in better condition. So why are you listening to others and fighting THEIR cause and stressing yourself out? You need to do what’s right for YOU. However, if staying there (where you’re not happy) is really that important to you, tell the LL that you really like the place and ask to sit down and discuss LL concerns. If possible, tell the LL what you’re willing to work with LL to remove those concerns, such as giving LL a key to your unit in case of an emergency so the door doesn’t get kicked in or place a lock box on/near your door for the emergency service in case they need to enter your unit. Otherwise, think positive, look at your move as a new adventure that will give you peace of mind and joy. Keep us posted.
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