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month to month lease/rent increase

my tenant has been here for 1 yr with a new york state, month to month lease. I have terminated her lease and decide not to renew..i gave 60 dys notice in advance of the effective date..she indicates she is not moving when the date comes...i sent her a notice of increasing her rent on the day her lease becomes terminated...if she continues to stay am i to assume she agrees to pay this new rent and should i give her another month to month lease with the new rent indicated?

I am confused. You first were NOT going to renew her lease thereby giving her 60 days notice of such. You then changed your mind and wanted to increase the rent instead?? If you and her are in agreement to the new terms of the rental lease; then I would have her sign a month to month lease with the new conditions.
Once you notify her that her rent is increase effective on a certain date.. since there is no lease... she must pay that amount or move out before the increase takes effect.  No lease means that you can raise the rent (with 30 days notice) every month if you like.  I did that once to get out a tenant I didn't want. The first month of the increase, she paid the same old amount.  I sent her a 3 day notice to pay or be evicted.   She complained that she never agreed to the new amount.   I pointed out to her that she had no lease and if she didn't like the new amount she can vote with her feet.   She paid the new amount.   SO.. I right away sent he another notice of another rent increase.     She moved.
how is the rent increase be given? do they have to sign that they received notice once notice is given or hand deliverd be good enough?
hand delivery is enough
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