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plumbing leak

Approximately four months ago I verbally told my landlord about a leak in the kithchen celing. The leak was comming through the celing everytime someone would shower or bathe in the upstairs bathroom. He came out to look at it and said "well just don't use it for now, until I can fix it.  Well four months has gone by with not effort to fix, the problem.  What are my options?

Do not use what.
Do you have a extra bathroom and shower , you can deduct rent. You have to have it in writing, and sent to him
I have sent my landlord a certified letter reguarding the plumbing leak comming from the upstairs bathroom. I do have another bathroom I can use until the other is fixed. My landlord is not good about fixing things, and I'm ready to move out. Do I have to pay rent for the month of April if I leave at the end of the month? I read in the washington state land lord tennant laws that I could hold rent back if he doesn't fix the leak.  I know this sounds harsh, but this is the last straw. I have lived here for six years and have never missed a rent payment, or been late on rent. I have worked hard at maintaining his property, and have paid for other repairs myself just to avoid the frustration of dealing with him. My other concern is if I move out he won't give me my thousand dollar deposite back. I am now month to month and have no copy of the lease I sighned. He said he can't find the original lease I sighned back in April of 2004, and that I'm to assume that its been month to month.
He gives landlords a bad name , you might end up in court and the way it sounds he is not properly maintaining the property, LET A JUDGE DECIDE.
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