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Are tenets required to pay more rent if a girl/boyfriends spends 2 nights or less a week.

I have a girlfriend who spends 2 nights week or less at my apartment sometimes not any nights at all for days because I go over to her place. My landlord is tryin to raise my rent because she spends the night, even though she does not live there, has none of her things theres, does not even shower at my place, and she has a place of her own. Is this legal? What are my options? Are there any laws concerning guests?  I do not think it is fair that my rent should be raised for someone who does not even live there. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Check your lease and see what it says about guests. Many leases contain clauses on what constitutes a long term guest vs a visitor. If you do not have a lease, than the landlord may increase the rent according to the landlord tenant statutes. In many cases, this would be by giving a thirty day notice if rent is paid monthly. It depends on state landlord tenant statutes.
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