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tenant breaking lease

I have a tenant who signed a year lease.  After 7 months,she left a voice mail with 25 days notice that she would leave.She has paid a security deposit equal to 1 month rent, and a cleaning deposit.   I am planning on taking cleaning and damages out of her cleaning deposit.I am planning on taking $ from the cleaning deposit to fix things like a hole in the wall and clean the oven and get rid of some paint she left in the shed .  I am also planning on taking 5 days rent out of her security deposit.  I think that this is within my right to make 30 days notice.  Can I take more of her security to cover the time I am out without a tenant?  I am trying to rent the place ASAP and plan to prorate her return of securty of last months rent from the new rental date. Does anyone know if this is the way I should do this?  I think this is the legal way, but I am not sure.
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