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Using Turbo Tax

Has anyone used Turbo Tax Partnership addition for their business?  We have two rental properties that are not an LLC and have not been able to file all the costs correctly to our liking.  Has anyone use this software?  Should we be using an accountant?   Thawed in MN

I have never used Turbo Tax myself. I have however, used other software as well as filed online. Currently, I use an accountant as I want to maximize my return.
I use turbo tax only for doing my taxes. Quick books pro, Used because of business.. Hate the double entry system, but good accounting software. expensive. Cheaper than an account. Turbo picks it up. For rentals there is a simple program  called " rental property manager". Same co. INTUIT Easy to use. Doesn't keep track of late charges  or  rent balances. Does good job on expenses and income from whom.
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