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damages during eviction process

I am in eviction process to my tenant. What happens if the tenant upset and damages my house? Is there any law can do anything for landlord?  Thanks for your help.

In some states there are expedited proceedings if the tenant becomes a danger. I believe that in Nevada, there is a 3 Day Nuisance notice. You can also contact the police if you beleive there is anything illegal happening.
This is one reason I always get both the last month rent and a damage deposit.  You cannot stop the tenant from doing the can try to be on the property.   Usually a lease allows the owner to inspect on 24 hours notice.   So.. put a 24 hour notice (keep a copy) every day on the door and go check the place out each day.  If you the tenant is damaging the unit... call the police and file a complaint... vandalism.
You can take pictures of the place also befor and after.
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