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didn't return lease/asking for repair/notices?

few mos. ago tenant says they'd stay another 2 yrs. I sent the lease renewal & they didn't return it before the old lease was up.  I now have no lease for 6 days & no rent. They pay late always. On the 1st (& 1st day w/out lease), they called to tell me washer broke & needs fix.   I agreed to service call & as they were hanging up told me they were going to move "soon",  I'd get 30 day notice.  I don't want this house vacant when it suits them.  Tough FL mkt. & I need time to redo & HOPEFULLY re-rent before school starts in early Aug. or LONG vacancy likely.  Do I  give some kind notice now w/out lease in effect?  Am I obligated to fix washer, I'm not incl.  it for next renters? If they get mad about washer now I fear damage to property.  The relationship has been ok, I'm out of state owner.   Out asap is best.  If they were honest upfront,  proper notice over a month ago would be given that there'd be no renewal.  Do I need short term contract here?   Any advice please, blindsided.
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You could either take them to court for non-payment of rent:  If the tenant fails to pay rent when due and the default continues for 3 days, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays, after delivery of written demand by the landlord for payment of the rent or possession of the premises, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement. Legal holidays shall be court-observed holidays only. The 3-day notice shall contain a statement in substantially the following form:    You are hereby notified that you are indebted to me in the sum of _____ dollars for the rent and use of the premises  (address of leased premises, including county) , Florida, now occupied by you and that I demand payment of the rent or possession of the premises within 3 days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) from the date of delivery of this notice, to wit: on or before the _____ day of _____,  (year) .
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