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Number of occupants

In Vermont, can a landlord limit the number of occupants in a unit?  For example in a three bedroom/one bath duplex, how many adults/children?

Each state is different, you have to check your local tenant laws for your state ,some states do not have any.
If you have stated that you are turning them down because of this tread lightly you may be considered as discrimination.  Make sure to never advertise against people with families or for single people this is discrimination.  Make sure that if you do turn them down simply say that the tenants you accepted are more qualified.
The law in my state lets you limit it to 2 persons per bedroom. So if it is a 0ne bedroom unit you can limit it to 2 occupants.  Check you states laws on # of renters allowed per bedroom.
I believe it is two people per bedroom.
Section 8 determines how many adults and/or children can live in a 2 bedroom.  Number of children is determine on child's age and sex. Contact Section 8.
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