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Rent Annual Increase

Hello,  Do you know what is the standard rental increase % for California?    Thanks.

Martin: I do not think there is a "normal" for increasing rents every year. I ALWAYS weigh out the facts. DO my tenants pay on time? Are they good, non-problematic tenants? If so, increasing rent every year could risk them going somewhere else. Market factors play a role as well. If supply overmeets demand, than you certainly do not want to lose a good tenant. On the other hand, if you have a tenant that has caused some problems, I believe there is more "play". I hope this helps!!!
I would like to know if 10% in the normal for rent increae every year??
Very informative.  Thank you so much.  :)
In California a landlord can raise the rent in any amount unless they live in rent controlled community like San Francisco, Berkeley, and some others.  If the amount of the increase is 10% or less, the notice need only be 30 days.  If the amount of the increase is more than 10%, the notice must be 60 days.  If the landlord gives more than one increase in a year, the notice would have to 60 days when the cumulated rent increase totals go over 10%.  Most landlords give 3% increases on an annual basis for single family properties.  Much more and you taking the chance of losing a tenant. it is important also to weigh the market trend in your immediate area. If there is alot of supply and rents seem to be lower than usual, I would be careful in increasing rent too much in fear of losing a good tenant.
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