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Breaking Pet Policy in CA

I have a tenant that is breaking my strict no pet policy by having two dogs. My nieghbors called animal control to complain the dogs are barking at all hours. I served my tenant with a 3 day notice to cure or quit. It has been two weeks and I just found out, she moved the dogs inside the house. What can I do? Her lease expires on June 30. I don't think I want to go through the hassel or pay the expense of evicting her. Can I call animal control have them remove the dogs?

Eviction is the way. Unless the animals pose a direct health threat, I do not believe animal control will get involved.
Send a letter.. Violation of rental policy is reported to rental association. You have 3 days to correct .Report these people.. Does your rental agreement  stipulate  a fee policy for violations?  "Qualification for and acceptable applicant." On that page state this is part of your rental agreement, give them a copy. Along with the rental agreement, cover your B..My fee for violations is $30. a day.  Some of the things on my applicant criteria is . credit score of at lease 565 only signors of rental agreement will live on premises. child abuse or non payment of child support. application  fee $75. Furnished for your convience however landlord not responsible for food should refridgerator  stop working.Violations of agreements are reported to a rental assoc. etc. (National tenant network  online .com)Evictions my not get you the money u have invested , but they are on record in that city at the county court house and are available to the public.
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