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Utilities such as Water & Power

I have my own water system and want to know if my tenants do not pay there water bill if I can lock out there water.  I also have all the power in my name as well and want to know if they get behind  on Power Bill if I can Lock out power as well.

I am going to tell you this , if you shut off there water or electricity and you go to court , in Massachusetts its called self help eviction and you could be fined 3 times the normal money that they owe you. , absolutely do not do this, what happends if she fall when you shut off the electricity, it could happen, you are looking for a bad time, seek legal action if need be and find out what your local tenant laws are , you get a judge that loves tenants and you do this it could cost you dearly.
We leased our house and paid our final power and gas bill.  We informed the power and gas company when the tenants took over.  But they failed to change over the billing.  And we just found out the utilities were shut of week ago and found out though niebors are tenants have not been there for about 3 weeks.  The only reason we found this out was that a couple niebors complained the premise was not being keeped up per our lease agreement.  We tried for 3 day to get a hold of tenants to do a inspection with no reply back to this day.  Help
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