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tenant pays late

I have a tenant who is making a pattern of paying late.  My lease states that she has a 5-day grace period.  This is in the state of Arizona.  I want to decrease the number of days grace period and I want to increase the late fee.  So, I have two questions:  1) What is the minimum number of days grace period I have to give her in the state of Arizona? and 2) What is considered a "reasonable" late fee?  Currently, I charge her $5 per day that the rent is late.  I want to increase that fee to $25 to $30 dollars per day.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Heather

Heather, when you made up your lease on this website, it should have let you know what the AZ law  limits are about late rent. I believe most if not all states give a tenants 5 days grace period. Also, I charge my NJ tenant 5% of the rent as a late fee.  Also, if my tenants are late 3 times within a 12 month period it can be used as a cause for eviction. I hope this helps you somewhat.
Thanks for your response, Beth.  I guess according to Arizona Revised Statutes, the minimum grace period is 5 days, which my lease does state.  I guess my confusion lies in what actually constitutes a late payment.  Twice she has paid within the 5 day grace period and once she has paid 7 days late.  I guess legally her rent isn't late until after the 5 day grace?  Thanks, again.  Heather
I have dealt with this issue too. They have until the 6th of every month to pay. If I receive the check on the 7th it is considered late. At renewal time please look into how much of a percentage you can charge as a late fee. As I said, I am allowed to charge 5%, this may deter your tenants from paying late. Wishing you the best! Beth
Thanks again, Beth.
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