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boyfriend moved in w/o notice?????

We rented our townhouse to a mom and a son, per our lease it specifys only they are allowed to live there. No one can move in w/o notice. Also she is section 8 and having someone move in is in violation with the HA agreement. Our neighbor( who is a reliable source) is positive the boyfriend has moved in and has been there for several months. Our neighbor see's the boyfriend come and go as he pleases even when our tenant is not home, comes to the townhouse in the evening and leaves in the morning. Our question is does this constitue him living there. Our other concern is this gentleman apparently has a key and garage door opener to the rental. We received a phonecall from our neighbor regarding other major issues and we need to bring this up as well. Please help....Thanks

One big clue is his mail , he is not on the lease , Its up to you to act on the issues. It might turn into a bigger problem, I would write a letter and specify who is only suppose to be on the lease and they are  in violaton of the lease and it needs to be remedied.
you have to be sure, and his mail is the key.
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