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Problems with Tenants fighting?

He isthe problem I have two men who rent rooms in my home. One has been her 2 years the other one since April. The  one who moved in April payed first and last months rent. He gave me notice to be gone by July 1 great. The probelm is he caused a fight with the other male in the house and hit him police called gun pulled big issuse. My question is The one who moved in April is month to month the other is on a lease Can we kick the April guy out due to him hitting the other one first? With out having to give him some money back? I know in TN 30 day evection notice.
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Well, if oyu have a clause in your lease about legal conduct, you may be able to evict based on that issue. BUT the police report would probably have to reflect that it was that tenants fault. Otherwise, you may run into problems for not evicting the other tenant as well.  At this point if he is gone to be gone in July, maybe offer himm an incentive to leave early.
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