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Carpet repair?

We currently have a renter in our condo. They move out in a few weeks. They have trashed the living room carpet. Luckily we got extra funds from their pet deposit. My question is, how do we charge them? Legally? We WILL have to replace about 400sq ft of carpeting but they only ruined, lets say 75sq ft. The living room is connected to the dinning room, so there is no way to just "patch" one room, plus the carpet (new in 2005) has been discontinued.  What portion will they be responsible for????
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The average life expectancy for carpet is approximately 10 years. This depends on the grade, padding, etc.... It seems to me that although you had to replace the entire carpet for the circumstances, you would probably have to take into account depreciation. Additionally, some may think that even though the same carpet was used in living room and dining room, that the tenant may not necessarily be responsible for both rooms. Get estimates, take pictures and be fair.
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