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Security Deposit (IL)

Can  someone please tell me what I can deduct from the security deposite in IL. I understand normal wear and tear. My tenants claimed then cleaned but I still want to have the capet cleaned by a prefessional. Am I able to do that and still deduct for the depsoit? Also, my tenant smoked in the house. Can I deduct getting the ducts cleaned/walls cleaned from the deposit? If anyone has a list of what can be deducted I would appreciate it.

You can deduct all of those things. Needs to be left in the same condition it was rented to them in. Duct cleaning might be a stretch.
Wow, I just realized how many spelling mistakes I made in that post.   Thank you, for your reply. The end of their lease isn't until the 30th and they're already threatening to take me to court over and 850 dollar security deposit.   I just don't want to charge them for anything I"m not allowed.
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