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Late fees/ Pool Access/Eviction

My tenant owns me about $800 in late fees, now he is asking for the key to access the pool in the subdivition,  I told him that he at default and that I wont provide the key until he pays the late fees. I am windering if what i am doing is legal in GA....any ideas anyone?  Also can I sue him for the $800, Can I evict him because of late fees?

The basis for evicting a tenant are: Non-payment of rent,  Failure to surrender the premises at the end of the lease term, or  Breach of the lease, including any rules that are part of the lease, if the lease provides such breach entitles the landlord to terminate the lease.  It seems to me that by restricting a tenant from something that is included in the lease, would not be favorable in court. FOr instance: If the tenant has a maintenance problem that you ignore, and you take them to court to evict them, you could actually lose on improper or illegal self eviction tactics. Let them swim and take them to court for the money they owe.
Absolutely! You can sue him & evict. He is the bad guy here & is taking advantage of your kindness.
Our lease agreement ended in March and we asked our tenants to move. Their rent was always late, excessive noise after midnight through 5:am, different people sleeping over or living in the apt., damage and complaints from neighbors concerning parking violations. Now they are rude and refuse to pay anything. They told us there social worker and the Housing Authority (CT.) told them that it is legal for them with their circumstances to live in our rental property for 6 months without paying a dime.
What were their circumstances?
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