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need to evict on violation of goverment law  ground

Hi, I am a child care  owner, who decided to rent two rooms of my home to a lady whom I strictly told her on regards to finger printing requirements by licensing. She agreed and was cleared by DOj However after she moved in she moved her (husband) in with her without authorization or finger print clearence, I requested finger prints from him and found out that he had criminal records. I asked them to move out imediately on the month of april. and is now may and they refuse to leave my home. I have not collected rent from her since then and On May 15 I personaly gave her a letter  asking her to vacate my property for non payment of rent and violation of agreement by june 5. Now she still refuses to vacate claiming she has no money nor a place to go, she said no one wants to rent her and asked for one more week, she also mention that there are laws that protect her and if she wanted to she could stay there for up to one year without paying rent.  she also refuse to take letter.
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First of all is there a tennancy agreement, and did she sign it . I would like to see the laws that state she can stay there up to a year, you have to check your state tenant laws and go from there , you could hire a constable to give her a letter and then you would have proof she recieved the notice. She broke the agreement if there is one when her husband moved in and also for non paayment.
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