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Landlord bill his time in Georgia

A friend and I rent a townhouse from a chap in Alpharetta, GA.  When I moved in the landlord gave me a key to the mailbox but when I went to get my mail, the box would open to get my mail but I had to shake it to get the key out.  Two days later I tried again and the key broke off.  Since I did not report it the first time, the landlord is billing me for the USPS charge to replace the lock ($23).  He is also charging me $15 for his time to go to the Post Office to order the lock change.    Is it legal for him to bill me for his time like this??  Thanks....Richard
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First of allyou should of told him as soon as it happend, I would think it is your fault, but It seems you have a real tight landlord. . he should bend some seeing it wasn;t done on purpose.
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