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Becoming a smoke-free property

This has become a smoke-free property as of June of 2009.  As new tenants moved in they were told that they would have to smoke out on the public sidewalk next to the street.  They were also informed that although some of the old tenants, ones that have lived here way before and prior to the june 2009 new policy,would be allowed to continue smoking on they private patios. the new tenants that moved in June would not be allowed and would have to comply with the new policy on the property being a smoke free property.   Is it required by law that the property be appropriatly signed? As to it being a smoke free property?  Are we supposed to put up signs on and around the site.  At the entrances for example.  And is it are responsibility to provide a shelter/designated spot for the smoking tenants and their company? And does it have to be on the property itself?  We are in a bit of a quandry with this and need clarification on some key points.
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