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Problems with lease

We recently signed a lease on a house in AZ & at the time the current tenants were still there. Move in is 6-1. We were told of no major issues at the time of the walk thru & the owner & ourselves spent apx 2hrs that day going over things he felt we needed to know. When signing the lease we noted  the area that specified the house was ready for move in would be determined at the walk thru once the current tenant was gone since we knew better than to sign something open ended. We gave a deposit & now evidently the tenant says he may have trouble being out by the time stated & the owner wanted us to do another walk through so we did. During this,  he pointed out  issues he did not point out before. Like major issues. We have now decided to not rent this house since this guy really seems like a slum lord & goes back & forth on things. DO we have a right to our money back since major structural / safety issues were not disclosed? His excuse is "this house is old" thank you
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I wanted to add what some of those issues were. He began to show us the fuse box & informed us he did not want us touching it. If something blew, we were to call him & wait for someone to come take care of it. One of the bathroom showers leaks into a bedroom if water is splashed out of the shower - onto the floor, he says he cannot do anything else to fix it.  We noticed that a huge multipaned window literally bends back & forth when lightly touched & he says he has had parties there & never any problems, but we are liable -we then also noticed the concrete banister rocks back & forth. As if, anyone leaned on it it could tumble over. Again, he said there was nothing he could do & if WE wanted to put a beam in the dirt to hold it up, we could do that but he was not going to pay for it.  He then tried to add new rules to the property that were not in the lease. Do we have the right to ask for our money back since so many things were not disclosed at the time of signing the lease?
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