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Military Clause

I had a tenant sign a 3 year lease on a home around Fort Campbell, in Clarksville TN. I just received a phone call from the expected tenant who is suppose to take occupancy July 2, 2010 stating that they still have not received their relocation orders for this base. They then proceeded to tell me that they "think" they will be going to Fort Drum, NY instead. They cannot produce any formal orders assigning them anywhere. They have the military clause in the lease that they signed. Are they still bound to provide 30 days written notice? What prevents them from going to any city and signing a lease in the hope of being assigned at a certain duty station? They have given a significant deposit on the house and was wondering if we get to keep the deposit based on this situation if we do not receive the official orders along with a 30 day notice?

A servicemember can terminate his/her lease when being reassigned to a new duty station or is being relocated 50+miles away from where they lived.  It is under the servicemembers civil relief act and is backed by congress; however they have to give the landlord 30 days notice at the least and show proof of reassignment with orders.
I do not believe they are bound..... I'm not an expert or anything but when we moved from an apartment, we left in less than 30days, but proof was required. We had orders.....
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