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legal right when leased as a couple

i recently moved into a new apt with  my boyfriend we both signed the lease agreement and receipts are made out to both of us. we split the cost of rent in half we just paid the second months rent. had a fight and left for my own safety. i  haven't returned decided  id move out. now im unable to get my things myself.  he seems to think he can stay an keep my portion i paid of rent but control what and when i can have my thing. he decided to place some of my things on the curbside. the landlord saw someone was going threw them and asked if it was being thrown out.  landlord gather my things and called me informing me that he has put them  aside for me.Ive been told my thing will be outside by the laundry room if i dont intend  on staying . my question is what legal right do i have regarding this issue and who is responsible. i asked the landlord if i could get my things if i went  and was told if its  alright with him i could. what is in violation and can be used to address this matter
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There are specific procedures to follow regarding renting and domestic violence in various states. For AZ: check out-
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