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Question about Utilities after Tenant Leaves

I had my tenants evicted. They left without leaving a forawrding address, and did not notify the utility companies ot take the utilities out of their name.The lease specifically stated that they were to so this and give me a final meter reading.  Can anyone tell me what I should do when the utility bills come? They are still reponsible, correct?  Thanks.
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Utility companies are changing policies fast. All I can give is what we do to limit loss. Key word is limit. Keys are handed over when they provide proof of utilities in their name, in the event they leave in the middle of the night, once we find out, we ask the utilites to be read and placed in our name. This leaves the utility company to find them and sets a "line" between you and leasee. If they attempt to lease in the same area, they are forced to settle before they can be turned on at a new residence. Typically however, they will put them into a third, fourth of fifth person name, one that doesnt have history with the utility company. Municipalities are trying to create laws where the landlord will, in the end be responsible one way or another.
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