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Guest not on the lease... NY state

I just rented my one bedroom apartment above us to a young women that said it was only for her alone. We did the background check and signed a one year lease I asked if anyone else would be living with her and she said no but since she moved in april 27, 2010 her boyfriend has spent every night in the apartment with her. Is there anything I can do? On the lease it does not specify the amount of days guess can stay. Under Use & Occupancy it states her name as the only person living there. 2)any change in occupancy will require written consent from landlord. 3)any change in occupancy will be subject to an adjustment in the amount of rent. 4)The tenant will use property only as primary residence.  What are my options?

send notice of rent increase due to change in occupancy or let her know she broke lease by not sending you a written request.  A guest in NY is allowed 6 weeks  I am in NY
thanks for the reply.. I was wondering had I included in the lease that she can only have guess not more then say 3 weeks in a 12 month period can I enforce that if she signed the least?  also is there a book that has all the rules and regulations that you recommend?  thanks in advance
NY State Law says 6 weeks You have to go by what the law says  NYS has a renters guide it informs tenants it is a better guide than the one for us landlords     New York State renters assoc or look in net under NYS renters rights
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