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Lease renewal- tenant wants company on lease instead of her

Hey all. My tenant is asking me to put the new lease under her company name instead of hers. She says she will have the benefit of claiming the property as corporate housing since she still owns a house in another state.  What are some risks associated with this?  Thanks, Marcos

You can do a credit check for the company. Check out Dunn and Bradstreet. The biggest risk I see is that if it is a new business, you run the risk that it is not established. You could draft the lease under the business name as well as the owner. That may protect you just in case.
Did you inquire and find out just what her business is all about, whether she plans to conduct business from the house and what that entails? Once the lease is under her corporation's name, she can do business in the house., possibly customers in and out, shipments, etc..
I would be careful about insurance issues.  You may have to get insurance for a business rental policy.  I am not really sure but would find out for sure.
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