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Eviction process in CA

Can someone explain in simple terms the steps to eviction in california

Get a good real estate management attorney. I did and we got bad tenants out in 5 weeks compared to the horror stories I've heard about 3-6 months from other landlords! In the mean time, if they haven't paid rent, don't accept any from them or it will delay your process. Good luck!
First you need to file a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit, then you can proceed with your Unlawful Detainer action (commonly called an eviction).  As Theresa suggested, a good attorney is worth their proverbial weight on this one.  There are some attorney groups who do nothing but evictions.
Notice to Quit was served today and tomorrow I find an attorney...anybody got any referrals in the San Diego Area
John:  I use  They are located in San Bernardino, but they have relationships with attorneys in other places who represent you locally.  We are in Santa Clarita and have not had any problem using them; however,  I do not know the full limits and extents of their working area.
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