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washer and dryer

I'm a new landlord,  do I leave my fairly new nice front loader washer and dryer when I move out of this house before the new renter move in? Do I charge extra?  My concern is I would need the tenants to put a front loader in due to the fact I have a septic system.  I know this sounds a little petty but we just put our new septic in and a front loader saves a lot of water. Not sure how this works with the whole washer and dryer part of it.  Is it up to me to provide a washer and dryer or is it up to the tenant to provide their own and I know a front loader is more expensive so I feel torn to leave mine here.  Opinions please.

Check with your local tennacy law in Hew Hampshire, But I believe you do not have to provide them with a washer and dryer , I also would not keep it in that apartment, sometimes when they did not pay for it they abuse it. In Massachusetts you only need to provide a stove.
You can always purchase a home warranty plan that will cover them home and all of your appliances.
I also have a rental house with a washer and dryer in the house.  The washer and dryer are not listed in the lease as "appliances provided." I put a provision in the lease that the washer and dryer are provided as a convenience, and if they become inoperable, I  (the landlord) am not obligated to provide  replacements or to cover any tenant expense for laundry services.    Not sure that would work everywhere, and I am new to being a landlord, so I may regret that!
Mary Jo:  That's an excellent point.  The only issue is that Robin said they had a "fairly new nice" washing machine.  If the machine becomes inoperable the tenant would have the authority to remove it and replace it.  I love your approach on appliances that are older and that the landlord does not care about.
These are great suggestions.  I think we are leaning towards taking our washer and dryer with us when we move out and providing a used washer and dryer in place of ours.  Mary Jo - Great idea to put in the lease agreement, I will use that one along with our air conditioners we are leaving behind as well.
You don't have to provide washer and dryer at all.
I know that I am not required to provide a washer and dryer, but it has been a big selling point and I feel I get higher rent for the house even though I don't guarantee that it will be replaced - maybe the tenants are a bit more careful knowing it could be gone if they ruin them.  Also, I am not renting to low income clients, and I have been pretty lucky with having good tenants.
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