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Late fees and mutual eviction?

Got myself a situation here, tenant has avoided paying the rent (thru some creative but predicable ways I might add) for this month and has also mentioned the possibility of breaking the lease early.   I was okay with the tenant ending the lease early IF a new tenant is found to takeover or extend the lease. However, my thinking now is that this person is trying to avoid paying May's rent and then move out at the end of this month without warning.   I do have one month's deposit on my hands and I actually rented the room out as a roomshare type thing (we're roommates so to speak) but we did sign a contract. I would like the tenant, if he can't or won't pay this month's rent, to move out immediately and I would keep the deposit since he will then violate a few terms on the contract.   What are my other options now or what would you do if you were in my shoes?
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You could have your tenant sign a notice of agreement with your conditions spelled out. Otherwise, you can follow the California guidelines for the security deposit return. Unpaid rent is an allowable deduction. GOOGLE: California Civil Code Section 1950.5
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