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Section 8

How long does the landlord have to take a tenant to court after they have moved out?  I have a State of Tenessee rental lease that was signed by husband and wife.  about 2 months into the lease tenant went to the section 8 voucher program.  I have not renewed the lease  and no longer have them as tenants. Thank you jJesus!!!  but i do have rent and damages due.  Husband was the primary on Section 8 and since then it was changed to Just the wife.  Tenant never sent a written notice that husband was no longer living there or  give notice in writing that he was to be removed, nor did he. So she's not paid the pro-rated rent, has damages over her/his damage /security deposit.  I gave them many chances and have received a whole bunch of excusses, enough to write a book, but they still have not paid.  My section 8 rep says when I get a judgement they can review it,  Tenant can be terminated from the program and no longer receive assistance.  I could use some help on this subject.
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