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Tenant Excessive Damage Want criminal in NC.

My Tenants damage my property excessively in NC.  It was a brand new home.  I'm sick over it.  I won the highest in a civil jugement, but I want to sue them criminally.  After the evection, they left 4 dogs in my home and well you know what happened.  Damage is extensive.  I have pictures and witnesses.  Can I sue them criminally?  How hard is it to get judgement in my favor.  The way it looks the tenants make out.    Heart sick in NC.
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There is a NC statute:" § 42-11.  Willful destruction by tenant misdemeanor " that allows for criminal prosecution but it is a class 1 misdemeanor. Basically it would be like a slap on the wrist and probably take alot of time on your part. I would follow through with getting a judgement on their record so that it makes it quite hard for them to get another rental. You can also explore..taking all measures possible to collect the judgement.
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