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tenant gave 30-day notice but will not leave

In California, Tenant was behind on rent and I gave 3-notice. After 3-day expired he gave partial rent along with a 30-day notice.   30-days has passed and they have not left and owe 3 months rent. keeps promising to pay/leave. How do I evict.  Do I need to give a 3-day notice? If so, what should it entail? given that I want them evicted.  Thanks for your time.

I would give the tenant another 3 Day notice and then file as soon as the notice period passes. If it were me, I would not accept rent unless it is in full - cash including and other charges before I dropped any law-suit.
if take any payment you must start over with 3 day notice the eviction notice after 3 days passes if he pays you anything you have to start over every time
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