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Changes in occupancy

My tenants that moved in 2 months ago are now getting a divorce. He wants to stay there, sign a new 12 month lease (they moved in with a month to month) and he wants to know if he can have roomates. Does anyone have an idea what kind of form I would need to add roomates as occupants..not tenants. He is hoping to be the only one on the lease in case his wife and kids come back.
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Jennifer, this is the same situation I am in. My tenants, husband and wife are getting a divorce and the husband moved out and the wife wanted to stay, but added some "roomates" I told her if they are 18 and over , they must be listed on the lease as tenants(for liablility reasons). It is really up to you if you want to allow these new people into the home. I dont believe there is really any form to add roomates. You could always type up an addendum with their names on it, but ultimately, if anything happens at the home and they are not listed on your lease, they are considered guests and not responsible.  Does the husband's salary alone qualify for the rent?
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