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severe property damage

we just had tenants move out and found the condo in total filth with alot of property damage. all floors have to be replaced and the walls have been drawn on with markers and crayons. the condo is in a very nice neigborhood and was immaculate when they moved in. the estimated damage is $5000. we're not sure what we should do? how do we get a report of the condition we can use in court?
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take pictures first of all     you should have taken pictures of condo before a tenant moves in plus a condition checklist it protects you.  Dont give back security.  do a condition checklist with them present  If you feel you want to take to court have leaqse/checklists and pictures  and costs of repairs You can charge clean-up fee for filth.  Crayons and markers on wall are beyond normal wear and tear. Witnesses are very helpful
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