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Ending a lease in CA

We received EZlandlord forms and there is a date when the lease is up, but there is no writing on what the consequences are when the lease is broken/ended early. Here are the issues: 1) we live in a townhome where the bottom floor (of 3) has been turned into a studio. Access to our unit is through the front door and through a door that used to lead to the stairs, except the lock side is on the landlords side. When we are out of town their company entered our "unit" without permission and were going in our stuff to look for something we borrowed; there was no notice given. There were 3 of them, not including the landlord. 2) while exiting the shower her guest walzted through the door connecting to her unit to get to the front door to get a package. Access like this is only given in case of emergency. 3) the floor above us is thin, upon moving in she said the most we would hear is her treading on her treadmill. i can hear her movies, laughs and worst of all footsteps until 2 a.m.

What are our rights, since we no longer feel comfortable and extremely violated. When notified of this, she said "this wasn't going to happen that often"   Thanks for any help.  -brandon
I would put into writing what you posted, send her a certified copy AND include a 30 day move out notice. I am a landlord and have been a renter- and I believe your landlord is at fault. Also- google California Tenant Rights- there are some good sites with lots of info. Jennifer
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