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tenant financial problems

Over the past several months, my tenant has been having some problems paying her rent on time.  Clearly, she is having financial issues.  Yesterday, I received a phone call from a pawn shop on her behalf and they wanted to verify her residence.  It appears that she is trying to get a loan from a pawn shop.  So far, the tenant has not discussed any of her financial issues with me.  My question is:  Should I question her about the situation and about what's going on?  Or is the situation none of my business?  I'm concerned that if she is trying to get a payday loan/pawn shop loan then maybe she isn't going to have the money to pay her rent at all next time.

Its  none of your business , stay away from the issue next she will be looking to get out of the rent ,no harassment either , Its a known fact if a tenant get 2 months behind you usually will not see your money. You have to remain strict even those it is hard , I got burn't for feeling bad ,thats why lalndlords need thick skin If you are comftable and trusting and can afford it let her slide but you might not get your money.
I agree that you need to just keep your head down here. It might be she's getting the loan *to* pay the rent. It is not a good sign, for sure, but still. As long as her rent is on time and she's not violating any agreed-upon rules of conduct for the property, you have to keep still about it.
Thanks for the good advice, Donald and Christie.  I appreciate it.
I had a question for you Heather,Iam a first time landlord renting a house in AZ.The Landlord to Tenant law specifys that I must provide gas,electric as well as air conditioning and heating depending on the season.Is this true? Or can I state other wise in the rental agreement because to me it seems like all 3 of thos bills will take up some of the rent Iam receiving especially heating and air conditioning... If you liek you can respond to my work email adress so I can receive it quicker  Thank you
Robert,  I think what the law is trying to state is that your property has to be CAPABLE of supplying gas/electric (either or both depending on your property) and air conditioning and heating.  The law does not mean that you as the landlord have to *PAY* for the utilities.  My tenant pays for all her own utilities (electric, phone, water, etc.).  Your responsibility as a landlord is to keep the property fit and habitable which means that you have to provide maintenance for the heating/cooling and electrical components of the property.  Hopefully that answers your question.  Good luck!
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