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pet security deposit

I have a prospective tenant who have 4 dogs and three cats. They swear that their pets are angels and that they have no problem paying an extra security deposit because they are certain that their pets will do no harm to the property. I am at a loss as to how much to charge them. Please advise. Thanks.

I have a tenant who has two "small" dogs.  She considered them small dogs but when I saw them, I would consider them medium dogs.  I charged her a $250 pet deposit.  I actually regret allowing dogs in my house because I have already seen signs of damage (chewed up vertical blinds and really dirty floors).  If I were in your position, I would charge more than $250 deposit for 4 dogs and 3 cats.  Good luck.
Also, you might want to be cautious of a tenant who says that their pets are angels.  My tenant also said that her dogs were very well behaved and they are not.
I can tell you cats are no treat either ,I am a animal lover but cats scratch woodwork and ther urine is potent. A cat will spray also , not all but in a new area I would beware.
I charged my tenant a $250 pet deposit for her two pets.  I do think $125 per pet is reasonable.  But that's just my opinion.
DON' T do it they all say that there pets are good. You can never get a pet security deposit that will cover the amount of damage the pets will leave behind. When cats urine on the floor and they will to mark there area you will be replacing all carpet and pad.
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