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damaged fridge

My tentants contract ended on June 30th.. I found out from the electric company on june 14th that the  electric was cut off on June 7th. I went to investigate the home and found the doors unlock and the house in a big mess. The tenants left food in my brand new fridge to spoil and the inside was covered with mold. Also left was broken shelves on door and bottom of fridge. The rent for June has not been paid. I went to court and got a judgement and am waiting  7 days to see if the tenants pays up. I cleaned out the fridge to see if I could salvage it from futher damage. My question is can I deduct from the security deposit the cost of a new fridge or is it my responsibility to see if I can get the stinch out and replace broken parts?
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I think a replacement is a little much , but to replace the parts and a service fee to clean sounds more like it, wash it with a hot soapy sollution and then keep rinseing to get the crud out of the tight areas and then put a box of baking soada in it to get that nasty vulgar stinch out, sometimes it is good to vaccum the underneath out for dust,  that what stops it from cooling,.
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