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rental deposite

my x tenant left and gave me a forwarding address as to where to send her rental deposite i sent it certified mail and it came back she won't take my phone calls so what am i to do and how long do i keep this deposite

I'd make sure to hang onto the returned letter and any paperwork she provided to you with that address, as well as your phone records that you tried many times to contact her.  There is a reason that she is not taking the money- probably to claim she never got it.    If an issue comes up down the road, it shows your good faith to return the deposit.
Prospective tenants were requied to have a cosignor and now the cosignor is questioning the lease. The tenants have paid their deposit and signed an application approval letter stating when their lease begins, and amount of monthly rent.  The first months rent has not been paid, pending signatures of tenants and cosignor on the lease.  (Their chosen date to move in is forth coming.)  If the cosignor refuses to sign the lease, what is my obligation to return their deposit?
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