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Bad tenant breaking lease

I have a tenant who signed a 1 yr lease, it is up at the end of July, She recently told me she was moving at the end of the lease, That was fine then she tried to talk me into only staying half the month, I told her no, I needed her to fulfill her lease obligation and pay the full month. Now she has moved 90% of her belongings and I found rent check for 1/2 moth in the mailbox. She has been a liar and trouble since the start. I put a 3 day notice to pay or vacate on her door as she is no longer easy to catch . Am I ok in doing so because she has breached her lease by not paying the full amount ? We are newbies on this landlord thing! Any bhelp would be appreciated, Thanks  Dave
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thats why people pay security deposits , it might be more of a headache to get this money, with taking her to court, I would think how stupid she is to ruin her reputation as a tenant. Take her to court the cost of filing papers and court costs your lucky she's out.
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