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Tenants late paying rent

I have tenants in Washington, DC who are officially 3 days late in paying rent.  Rent is due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 4th.  I sent a late rent reminder notice on the 5th and enforced a late fee.  I've had several communications with one of the tenants and co-signer letting me know that payment will be made, but I still have not received any deposits into my account.  \  what are the next steps I should take to collect rent?  Do I send another more aggressive letter reinforcing the terms of their lease with a due date?  How long until rent is not paid before I can start the eviction process?  When can i use their deposit for rental payment?  PLEASE ADVISE.
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You have to check with your tenant law in your state in Massachusetts it is a 14 day notice to quit then you start eviction process , Talking mwill not get the job done, it is a waist of time more or less and your security deposit should be used if they trash your rental or back rent later on
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