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Best flooring for a rental

I have a low income unit and need ideas for inexpensive flooring options other than carpet.  Someone suggested some type of wood board, not plywood, and paint it, but he couldn't remember the name.

I  have worked in section 8 housing and we always put down a durable tile , you can wax it and spills do not effect it and urine from animals that you do not know about it will not effect it.
not ceramic , a decent quality tile will last thru multiple tenants. there are so many different brands I cannot say a name ask a floor specialist
I use CVT tile in my kitchens and baths for my rentals, it comes in many colors and is only 73 cents a tile. It can be purchased at Lowes or Depot. Make sure to use the proper adhesive and the proper trowl. After it dries, you can use painter thinner to remove any glue from the seams.
Yes, using VCT is the least expensive way to go.  But it is extremely porous.  Therefore if you put a a few coats of good wax on it before your tenant moves in and they dont maintain it; things they spill on it will stain it badly. The homes we have (over 200) all have laminate (plank hardwood look) flooring.  They are easy to care for and if a section gets messed up, just pull up and reglue another in place.
I use laminate floor in the LR/DR/Kitchen.  Ceramic tile in my bathrooms.
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