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Moldy Basement

My fiancee and I have rented from this company for 3 years now.  Never been late on a payment, never had any issues.  We recently moved into a duplex they offered that had previously been flooded.  We thought nothing of it at the time.  It flooded again two weeks ago.  At this point we noticed mold.  I talked to the maintenance guy that came to help with the flood on Monday and he said he couldn't do *anything* about it until our landlord returned from vacation.  I have not heard from anyone since.  I took it upon myself to get a free estimate from a reliable business in this town and the inspection went very poorly.  The basement of my house is entirely unlivable space, now.  It's well within the walls and has been there for "several months up to several years".  It *is* black mold.  We're unsure if it's affected our upstairs living space as he would have had to do some demolition and I didn't okay this without my landlord's approval.  What are my options as a renter?

I'd also like to mention, I'm 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old daughter.  My entire family has been experiencing symptoms for a few months now.  Hay fever, respiratory, headaches...  We have appointments to get checked up on Thursday.  Thank you.
Black mold is not good. I would move.
Well you should upon becoming aware, especially being pregnant and with small children MOVE. Why are you risking your family? Deal with your move-out costs with the landlord later.
I hope you've moved by now.  Mold has been associated with pulmonary hemoraging in infants, autism, cancer and diabetes.
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