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Eviction notice for month to month lease

How much notice has to be given for a month to month lease in AZ?

If your tenants are renting month-to-month, you must give them at least 30 days notice -- in writing -- before the next rent payment would normally fall due. If  you are looking to evict the tenant for cause such as non-payment of rent, you must notify your tenants, in writing, that they have five calendar days in which to pay their past due rent, or your rental agreement with them will be terminated, and they will be evicted. You can give them the written notice any time the rent is past due.  If payment is not received, you may file in court for their eviction.
I tried to help someone out. apartment was not ready. she needed to move in in two weeks but didnt have all the funds due to moveing. i made arrangements with her to work it out. shes on month to month, its only been three weeks and she has breached our agreement from the very first day. no pets or smoking were just two of the issue. she brought a dog and smokes after move in. she has know money and has been untruthful about every thing, even on her aplication.what can i do?
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