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Inspection of potentially perfect appliance

My tenant told me that the D/W is not drying baby bottles and that even though the plates seem clean she is concerned that there is soap residue in the holder meaning that the D/W is not doing it's job. The D/W was installed by the builder and is NOT top of the line. My neighbors have similar D/W that do not dry plastic either. What should I do? Should I have it inspected and pay the fee even if nothing may be wrong with it?.

Check if possible with the manifacture and maybe they could tell you or give some advice , I would check with a dish washer sales man and ask about this problem , maybe they make someting for this soap residue or a different soap , try a liquid.
Using too much soap is an issue.  Ask her how much she is using. Also, plastic DOES NOT dry well in the dishwasher, unless something like JetDry is added.
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